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The manufacturing sector has seen continuous progress in regard to new technologies, processes, and systems.  New materials require new production techniques, which in turn allow for incremental improvement in the subsequent years.  However, the manufacturing sector in general has not changed in the past decades. 

The goal of CIbM is to identify disruptive technologies and advance the manufacturing sector by replacing traditional manufacturing approaches.  CIbM is actively working in defining the manufacturing of the future and the future of the manufacturing.

As an example, the recent information revolution has brought about a tremendous change in our lives – the way we communicate, the way we work and the way we live.  This impact can also be felt in the manufacturing sector with the advance of CAD, CAM, simulation, etc.  In addition, concepts that have usually been used in other fields, such as data mining from computer science, are now finding applications in the manufacturing sector.  CIbM thus will investigate similar technologies and find possible applications in manufacturing.  Another area that will be pursued is the concept of “blending” of technologies.  Sometimes technologies can be enriched by incorporating functionalities of other technologies and arrive at a synergetic outcome.