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Robert Hendricks


  • Associate Department Head


  • B.Met.E., Cornell University, 1959
  • Ph.D., Cornell University, 1964
  • M.B.A., University of Tennessee, 1985
  • BA (German), Virginia Tech, 2014

Special Assignments

  • Director of International Programs
  • Director, VT-FIRE Project (Virginia Tech Foundry Institute for Research and Education)

Research Interests

  • Physical metallurgy and modeling of metal casting
  • Structure-property relations in metals
  • Physical metallurgy
  • Electronic materials
  • Semiconductor processing and characterization
  • X-ray and neutron diffraction

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • Fellow of ASM International
  • Dean's Award for Excellence in Public Service (1996 and 2001)
  • Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching Innovation (2006)

Professional Affiliations

  • Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • The Metallurgical Society (TMS)
  • ASM International (ASM) - Fellow 
  • American Physical Society (APS) - Fellow
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - Fellow
  • American Association for Engineering Education (ASEE)
  • American Foundry Society