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Eileen Van Aken

Associate Professor

  • Associate Department Head


  • Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 1995
  • M.S.I.E., Virginia Tech, 1991
  • B.S.I.E., Virginia Tech, 1988

Research Accomplishments

  • Applied research on development of performance management, organizational assessment, and organizational improvement practices and tools.

Recent Course Responsibilities

  • Organizational assessment, analysis, and change
  • Performance measurement systems

Selected Recent Publications

  • Farris, J.A., Van Aken, E.M., Letens, G., Ellis, K.P., and Boyland, J. (in press). A structured approach for assessing the effectiveness of engineering design tools in the new product development process, Engineering Management Journal.
  • Doolen, T. L., Hacker, M. E., and Van Aken, E. M. (2006). Managing organizational context for engineering team effectiveness," Team Performance Management: An International Journal, v. 12, n. 5/6, pp 138-154
  • Farris, J., Groesbeck, R.L., Van Aken, E.M., and Letens, G. (2006). Evaluating the relative performance of engineering design projects: A case study using data envelopment analysis, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 53(3), pp. 471-482.
  • Van Aken, E.M., Letens, G., Coleman, G.D., Farris, J.A., and Van Goubergen, D. (2005). Assessing maturity and effectiveness of enterprise performance measurement systems, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 54, No. 5/6, pp. 400-418.
  • Sousa, G.W.L., Carpinetti, L.C.R., Groesbeck, R.L., and Van Aken, E.M. (2005). Conceptual design of performance measurement and management systems using a structured engineering design approach, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 54, No. 5/6, pp. 385-399.
  • Doolen, T., Hacker, M.E., and Van Aken, E.M. (2003). The impact of organizational context on work team effectiveness: A study of production teams, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Vol. 50, No. 3, pp. 285-296.
  • Van Aken, E.M., Van Goubergen, D., and Letens, G. (2003). Integrated enterprise transformation: Case application in engineering project work in the Belgian armed forces, Engineering Management Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 3-16.
  • Sousa, G.W.L., Van Aken, E.M., and Groesbeck, R.L. (2002). Applying an enterprise engineering approach to engineering work: A focus on business process modeling, Engineering Management Journal, Vol. 14, No.3, pp. 15-24.

Selected Recent Projects

  • Project Title: Longitudinal Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Results for ITT Industries; Sponsor: ITT Industries
  • Project Title: Determinants of Kaizen Event Success and Sustainability; Sponsor: National Science Foundation DMII.
  • Project Title: Assessment, Analysis, and Improvement of Enterprise Processes; Sponsor: Danaher.
  • Project Title: Woods to Goods: Creating a Web-Based Forest Industry Community to Promote Sustainable and Competitive Forest-to- Consumer Value Streams; Sponsor: USDA Forest Service.
  • Project Title: Assessment, Improvement, and Redesign of Enterprise Performance Measurement and Improvement Practices; Sponsor: AT&T Billing Operations.

Industries Serviced

  • Electronics Assembly Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Customer Service

Key Professional Service activities

  • Member, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1986-present; Senior Member, 2004-present.
  • Member, American Society of Engineering Management, 2003-present.
  • Member, American Society for Quality, 1991-present.
  • Member, American Society for Engineering Education, 1992-present.
  • U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award for Virginia, Chair (2002-2004),
  • Vice Chair (2001-2), Board Member (2000-2005), and Examiner (1998-2000).
  • Technical Program Co-Chair, 2004 American Society for Engineering Management Conference.
  • Fellow, World Academy of Productivity Sciences.