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Because of the market potential of our teams' projects we can publicly disclose only limited information. If you'd like to find out more about a team feel free to contact them directly.


L8 - Magnetic-Kinetic Toy


L8 L8 Team (Alireza Borhani & Negar Kalantar): Winners of the 2013 CIbM Innovation Competition

Team Members:

Negar Kalantar (

Alireza Borhani


Winner of the 2013 CIbM Innovation Competition, L8 is a magnetic-kinetic toy comprised of 8 L-shaped pieces which can be assembled in multiple configurations. The team says the key innovation of the L8 toy are that, unlike other magnetic toys it is not just comprised of building blocks that stack together, but L8 uses the magnetic couplings as pivot points to create moveable mechanisms. This results in a toy which can be as simple or complex as you make it, making it suitable for all ages. 

The L8 team also has concepts and prototypes for several other magnetic-kinetic toys using the same concepts as the original L8 toy. Negar and Alireza have worked with VTIP to acquire a patent and plan to use the award money and resources to help them produce their toys through a joint venture with an existing toy manufacturing company.



Next Generation Razor

    Will Vatis

Team Members:

Will Vatis (


Winner of the 2011 CIbM Innovation Competition, Will is working on a next generation shaving razor using advanced materials and design to improve blade life as well as functionality.



Pure Air - Emergency Inhaler


Team Members:

Stephen Epstein (


Winner of the 2012 CIbM Innovation Competition and the 2013 VT KnowledgeWorks Students Business Concept Competition, Stephen is currently working to develop an improved emergency inhaler.



Taaluma Totes


Team Members:

Jack Dufour (

Alley Heffern (



Supported by the CIbM, Taaluma Totes makes backpacks using unique fabrics sourced from cultures around the world. Their backpacks are made in the USA and a portion of the proceeds is given back to the country of origin the fabric in the form a a micro-loan


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