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Headquarters/ Digital Technology Lab/ Office Space: 1991 Kraft Driver, ICTAS CRC Room 2004

Located in the ICTAS building in the Corporate Research Center, the Digital Technology Lab is the main facility of the Catalyst Program. This facility offers advanced digital engineering equipment such as a Stratasys 3D fused deposition modeling machine and powerful CAD/CAM/CAE computers. Also available are offices, meeting and work space, and a presentation area with the CIbM's student built touch screen podium.

Contact: Will Vatis (


Manufacturing Workshop: 197 Durham Hall

One of the two main facilities of the Catalyst Program, the manufacturing workshop offers space and equipment for the production of physical prototypes. 

Contact: Will Vatis (

Dreams Lab (Advanced Additive Manufacturing): 9A Randolph Hall

The members of the DREAMS Lab are driven by a vision of the future wherein the layered fabrication techniques of today's "rapid prototyping" technologies are of a maturity to be considered as viable platforms for the manufacture of end-use artifacts.  Their research mission is to be a leader in the transition of rapid prototyping technologies to the new paradigm of additive manufacturing. The DREAMS Lab has several additive manufacturing machines of various types and other related equipment. A full list of their additive manufacturing technology can be found here: DREAMS Lab Equipment.

Contact: Dr. Chris Williams


VTIP (Intellectual Property Resources): 2200 Kraft Drive

Formed in 1985 as an affiliated corporation of Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties (VTIP) is passionate in its pursuit of excellence in technology commercialization, creating market opportunities from scientific innovation. VTIP strives to make a positive contribution to society through their expertise in protecting, marketing and commercializing technology and innovation. VTIP's goal is to pursue innovative strategies to help translate scientific progress into tangible products, while returning income to the inventor and Virginia Tech to support further research and education. VTIP facilitates the licensing of technology to companies, encourages new faculty startup ventures, works with publishers and distributors of software, and supports the transfer of research and knowledge to other universities, research institutes and companies.



Machine Shop: Whittemore Hall

The Whittemore Hall Machine Shop has several common as well as some specialty machines available.

Contact: Phil Ratcliff

VT KnowledgeWorks (Business Resource Center): 2200 Kraft Drive

VT KnowledgeWorks services fall into three categories. PLAN program components help market-worthy ventures organize, formulate strategy, and obtain outside investment. LAUNCH components help get the business up and running. GROW offerings emphasize strategic support for ongoing growth, continuing intra-preneurship, and professional development for the corporate leader.



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