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Workshop Confirms Need for New Approaches to Manufacturing

Nov. 29, 2010 – The Center for Innovation-based Manufacturing (CIbM) successfully hosted its first workshop this month to present current approaches to innovation as well as show policy support from federal organizations. Discussions throughout the workshop confirmed the need for new approaches to drive innovation in manufacturing in order to help U.S. based companies remain competitive in today's global market.  

Speakers at the workshop included Dr. Roop Mahajan, Director of the Institute for Critical Technology & Applied Science (ICTAS), Dr. Darrene Hackler, VP at the International Economic Development Council, Dr. Allister James, Senior Expert Engineer from Siemens Energy, Dr. Julia Lane from the National Science Foundation, and Mr. Jose Vicente-Gomila from the Polytechnic Institute of Valencia in Spain and co-founder of TRIZ XXI. 

    CIbM Workshop

The workshop focused on providing attendees with a mix of current successful innovation approaches, economic development policies, and an introduction to the newly established center. A panel discussion allowed participants and speakers to exchange ideas, while a two-part workshop led by Mr. Vicente-Gomila provided specific tools to accelerate innovation efforts back at their organizations. 

The Center for Innovation-based Manufacturing is a ICTAS's research center that focuses on the development of new innovation methodologies and their applications to challenging manufacturability problems across multiple areas. These include: renewable energies, micro- and nano-manufacturing, medical devices, etc. The innovation-based manufacturing goal is to boost the commercialization potential of basic research that is currently constrained by the lack of adequate processes and systems. The center is also actively working on the definition of the manufacturing of the future and the future of manufacturing.

"ICTAS provides its research centers with a safety net so that they can take on the risk and develop disruptive technologies, the next black swans, and truly change the game as we know it" said Dr. Mahajan during his speech at the workshop. 

Going forward, the Center will continue to build a foundation for new innovation principles, help the university develop disruptive technologies, and provide manufacturing solutions to surrounding organizations.  

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CIbM Workshop 2010