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If you are an entrepreneur looking for a way to turn your idea for a new product into a reality, you have come to the right place! The Center for Innovation-based Manufacturing hosts a revolutionary new open-to-all prototyping and business startup program called the Catalyst Program. The program was created to help student entrepreneurs by offering that hard-to-find initial support in the earliest stages of product development.

We are proud to support entrepreneurs with concept development, prototyping, and business startup assistance. We offer a prototyping lab with workshop and machining equipment and a digital technology center with equipment such a 3D scanner and printer and high powered CAD/CAM/CAE computers. No matter what your experience level, CIbM staff can train an assist you in using the equipment and software. Also offered to the students are office space and a network of other specialized local and university facilities and experts.  The Catalyst Program accepts new applicants year-round. We encourage anyone with an idea for a new product to come speak to us to see how we can help you.

Innovation Competition

The CIbM also hosts our annual Innovation Competition where both new teams not in the Catalyst Program as well as existing Catalyst Program teams can compete for additional funding and resources from various sources. The Innovation Competition is a supplement to the Catalyst Program and is meant to publicize and recruit new teams to the program as well as give an extra boost to the most promising concepts.

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Please contact Will Vatis with any questions at

...or come by our headquarters at 1991 Kraft Drive, ICTAS CRC Room 2004 to speak with us in person.


Come by our facility at 197 Durham Hall

...or contact Will Vatis at

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